Here are a few sites you may find useful and educational.

  • The IRS website has all tax-related forms and instructions available for download, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and other information.
  • The National Association of Tax Professionals likewise offers tax information, in print, workshop, and webinar form.
  • If you used tax preparation software years ago that is now obsolete, leaving you with files you need but cannot read, TaxPrinter may be able to convert them into pdfs.
  • Our neighbor, Richard Paul, CPA, offers review and compilation services as well as his own extensive list of resources.
  • We use a portal to exchange data that allows us to send and receive information safely and securely, including a backup of your QuickBooks file. Additionally, we are saving the environment—one tree at a time! You can log in via the link at the bottom of every page: File Transfer Portal Login.
  • Don’t have a scanner? No worries! You can still drop off the requested information at my office or mail it to me via the United States Postal Service.